Highly Dispatchable and Distributed Demand Response for the Integration of Distributed Generation

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The support of large scale integration of distributed renewable generation and demand response into the grid is under development. Historically, without distributed demand response resources in the mix, grid reliability resources have been provided by fossil-fuel based generation or grid- scale storage, at a cost of nearly $2B per GW. Current predictions point to the need for over 4 GW in ancillary services in California to balance the variations in load anticipated to be added by the 2020 renewable energy portfolio standards (RPS) deployment goals. To add demand response into the mix, the DRRC team is working with AutoGrid on a control and communications platform that coordinates highly dispatchable, fast responding demand response (DR) services. Through the use of low-cost, open, interoperable OpenADR signaling technology and low-cost, internet-protocol based telemetry, dynamic price signals can be sent simultaneously to a wide range of facilities distributed throughout an impacted area. The resulting grid resources are expected to be substantially less expensive and more effective than resources used today.