Welcome to DRRC

The Demand Response Research Center plans and conducts multi-disciplinary research to advance demand response within Smart Grid infrastructures in California, the nation, and abroad.

June 3, 2019 California Public Utilities Commission Webinar on Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Integration

Mary Ann Piette, Division Director, Building Technology & Urban Systems

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Communications & Standards

Automating energy and demand response (DR) communication from the grid to the consumer improves reliability and participation.

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2025 California Demand Response Potential Study

Innovative methodology leverages granular datasets to assess the potential for DR to meet California's future grid needs.

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Facilitating Renewable Energy

Demand response and energy storage for ancillary services provide resources for integration of renewables and grid reliability.

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Demand Response Resources

A wide variety of automated demand response resources improves grid reliability.

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OpenADR, a standardized communications data model to send and receive DR signals between utility or grid and customers.

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Electric Vehicles

Understand and implement electric vehicles for automated demand response, storage, renewable integration and grid reliability.

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Testbeds, Tools & Guides

The D2G Lab and DRRC tools and guides help test, evaluate and implement interoperability of automated demand response.

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