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Aghajanzadeh, Arian, Aimee McKane, Craig Wray, and Peter Therkelsen. 2006-2015 Research Summary of Demand Response Potential in California Industry, Agriculture and Water Sectors., 2015.PDF icon pdf (1.39 MB)
Yin, Rongxin, Douglas R. Black, Mary Ann Piette, and Klaus Schiess. Control of Thermal Energy Storage in Commercial Buildings for California Utility Tariffs and Demand Response., 2015.PDF icon PDF (3.42 MB)
Page, Janie, Charles McParland, Mary Ann Piette, and Stephen Czarnecki. Design of an Open Smart Energy Gateway for Smart Meter Data Management. Department of Energy, 2015.PDF icon PDF (1020.17 KB)
Yin, Rongxin, Arian Aghajanzadeh, Rongpeng Zhang, Aimee T. McKane, Peter L. Therkelsen, and Tianzhen Hong. Development and Validation of Demand Response Quick Assessment Tool For Refrigerated Warehouses in California., 2015.PDF icon pdf (1.68 MB)
Ghatikar, Girish, Mary Ann Piette, and Ella Hae Yeon Sung. Diffusion of Automated Grid Transactions Through Energy Efficiency Codes In ECEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency, 2015. France, 2015.PDF icon pdf (1.31 MB)
Ghatikar, Girish, Salman Mashayekh, Michael Stadler, Rongxin Yin, and Zhenhua Liu. "Distributed Energy Systems Integration and Demand Optimization for Autonomous Operations and Electric Grid Transactions." Applied Energy, no. Special Issue on Integrated Energy Systems (2015).PDF icon PDF (1.72 MB)
Lanziera, Steven, Andrew Weber, Anna Liao, Oren Schetrit, Sila Kiliccote, and Mary Ann Piette. Field Testing of Telemetry for Demand Response Control of Small Loads., 2015.PDF icon pdf (2.11 MB)
Yin, Rongxin, and Douglas R. Black. Improvement Of Demand Response Quick Assessment Tool (DRQAT) and Tool Validation Case Studies., 2015.PDF icon PDF (3.52 MB)
Kiliccote, Sila, Gregory K. Homan, Robert W. Anderson, and John Herdandez. Intermittent Renewable Management Pilot – Phase 2., 2015.PDF icon pdf (1.24 MB)
Olsen, Daniel, Arian Aghajanzadeh, and Aimee T. McKane. Opportunities for Automated Demand Response in California Agricultural Irrigation., 2015.PDF icon PDF (2.93 MB)
Homan, Gregory K., Arian Aghajanzadeh, and Aimee T. McKane. Opportunities for Automated Demand Response in California’s Dairy Processing Industry ., 2015.PDF icon pdf (2.64 MB)
Aghajanzadeh, Arian, Craig P. Wray, and Aimee T. McKane. Opportunities for Automated Demand Response in California Wastewater Treatment Facilities., 2015.PDF icon PDF (799.06 KB)
Kim, Joyce Jihyun, Sila Kiliccote, and Rongxin Yin. Automated Demand Response Technologies and Demonstration in New York City using OpenADR. LBNL/NYSERDA, 2013.PDF icon PDF (4.39 MB)
Piette, Mary Ann, Richard E. Brown, Phillip N. Price, Janie Page, Jessica Granderson, David Riess, Stephen Czarnecki, Girish Ghatikar, and Steven Lanzisera. Automated Measurement and Signaling Systems for the Transactional Network., 2013.PDF icon PDF (2.36 MB)
Kim, Joyce Jihyun, Rongxin Yin, and Sila Kiliccote. "Automated Price and Demand Response Demonstration for Large Customers in New York City using OpenADR." In International Conference for Enhanced Building Operations (ICEBO) 2013. Montreal, Quebec, 2013.PDF icon PDF (3.13 MB)
Ghatikar, Girish, Venkata Ganti, and Chandrayee Basu. Expanding Buildings-to-Grid (B2G) Objectives in India., 2013.PDF icon PDF (1.06 MB)
Olsen, Daniel, Nance Matson, Michael D. Sohn, Cody Rose, Junqiao Han Dudley, Sasank Goli, Sila Kiliccote, Marissa Hummon, David Palchak, Paul Denholm et al. Grid Integration of Aggregated Demand Response, Part 1: Load Availability Profiles and Constraints for the Western Interconnection., 2013.PDF icon PDF (14.24 MB)
Levy, Roger, and Sila Kiliccote. Hawaiian Electric Company Demand Response Roadmap Project Final Report., 2013.PDF icon PDF (3.33 MB)
Thiemann, Johannes J., Nicholas DeForest, Michael Stadler, Judy Lai, Wei Feng, Kristina LaCommache, Joe Huang, and Chris Marnay. Identification of Demand Response Potential for Microgrids Using the Distributed Energy Resources Customer Adaption Model, A Case Study of the Alameda County Santa Rita Jail for 2011., 2013.PDF icon pdf (5.72 MB)
Marnay, Chris, Terry W. Chan, Nicholas DeForest, Judy Lai, Jason MacDonald, Michael Stadler, Tobias Erdmann, Andreas Hoheisel, Markus Mueller, Scotte Sabre et al. Los Angeles Air Force Base Vehicle to Grid Pilot Project In ECEEE 2013 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency. ECEEE, 2013.PDF icon PDF (4.19 MB)