Dynamic Pricing

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Funded by: CEC PIER ESI (DRRC)

This project developed and evaluated the use of OpenADR with time-differentiated prices such as static Time-of-Use (TOU) and dynamic Real-Time Pricing (RTP) rate models. This project will include creating a framework for a tabular RTP model as a proof of concept Demand Response Automation Server (DRAS) interface.  These models will be integrated with OpenADR simple and smart clients used within building control systems to demonstrate responses to communication and data models developed using the OpenADR specification. While the primary focus of OpenADR has been commercial and industrial facilities that have 15-minute interval meters, this project will consider time-differentiated prices for residential buildings that have 1-hour interval meters.The initial phase of the project met the following purposes:

  • Evaluate implementation methods for OpenADR time-differentiated pricing and related RTP models.
  • Develop simple Time of Use (TOU) models that are a subset of RTP models.
  • Evaluate how these models map onto signals for existing rates in California.
  • Demonstrate the OpenADR RTP and TOU data model and signal implementation.  The initial test will be with PCTs in a project run by HMG.
  • Provide concepts to evaluate commercial, industrial, and residential buildings response to dynamic pricing.

Contact: Girish Ghatikar