Open Automated Demand Response

The Demand Response Research Center (DRRC) worked with California and the nation to develop an open communications specification to automate DR, known as Open Automated Demand Response, or as OpenADR. OpenADR facilitates reliable and cost-effective automation of both electricity price and system grid reliability signals for demand response (DR). After seven years of development the OpenADR specification was published in April 2009. In May 2010 OpenADR became one of the first 16 Smart Grid Standards supported by the U.S. Department of Energy the National Institute of Standards and Technology Smart Grid Interoperability Standards effort. OpenADR provides a non-proprietary, open standardized DR interface that allows electricity providers to communicate DR signals directly to existing customers using a common language and existing communications such as the Internet. Open standards lower to cost of technology and allow control companies to embed the communication system in their controls for minimal cost. This low cost automation allows consumers to use less expensive high price power providing benefits to consumers, utilities, system operators, and society at large. The OpenADR offers many benefits to communicate DR signals that enables consumer choice and interoperability among control equipment and new energy markets.