Demand Response Quick Assessment Tool (DRQAT)

The Demand Response Quick Assessment Tool (DRQAT) will predict the energy and demand saving, the economic saving, and the thermal comfort impact for various demand responsive strategies.

Agricultural Irrigation DR Estimation Tool

The Agricultural Irrigation Demand Response Estimation Tool developed by the DRRC accurately estimates agricultural loads based on weather and availability of surface water. From this, it is possible to determine how much of that load can be shed or shifted as a demand response resource.

AutoDR Database Tool (ADRD)

The AutoDR Database (ADRD), developed by DRRC, provides two functions: access to an online database, searchable by building characteristics, of demand response patterns typical for a given location or building type, and analysis tools for new data (load and temperature paired data files). Newly analyzed data is stored in the database for future reference.

Demand Limiting Assessment Tool (DLAT)

Purdue University's Demand-Limiting Assessment Tool (DLAT) evaluates the peak demand reduction, utility cost savings, and comfort impacts associated with the use of building thermal mass for precooling and demand limiting for a limited number of prototypical small commercial buildings. The program performs hourly calculations with fairly detailed models of the buildings and equipment.