Automated Demand Response Strategies and Commissioning Commercial Building Controls

TitleAutomated Demand Response Strategies and Commissioning Commercial Building Controls
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsMary Ann Piette, David S Watson, Naoya Motegi, Sila Kiliccote, Eric Linkugel
Conference Name14th National Conference on Building Commissioning
Date Published05/2006
Conference LocationSan Francisco, CA

California electric utilities have been exploring the use of dynamic critical peak pricing (CPP) and other demand response programs to help reduce peaks in customer electric loads. CPP is a new electricity tariff design to promote demand response. This paper begins with a brief review of terminology regarding energy management and demand response, followed by a discussion of DR control strategies and a preliminary overview of a forthcoming guide on DR strategies. The final section discusses experience to date with these strategies, followed by a discussion of the peak electric demand savings from the 2005 Automated CPP program. An important concept identified in the automated DR field tests is that automated DR will be most successful if the building commissioning industry improves the operational effectiveness of building controls. Critical peak pricing and even real time pricing are important trends in electricity pricing that will require new functional tests for building commissioning.

LBNL Report NumberLBNL-61013