Demand Response End Use Analysis and Field Studies in Industrial, Agricultural, and Water Systems

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DRRC's industrial demand response team studies how industrial, agricultural and water resource customers use electricity and what strategies they can use to automate demand response. Surveys, scoping studies, simulations and field tests are conducted to gain a deeper understanding of load profile types and load predictability within these sectors. Strategy guides and analysis tools are developed for use by facility and utility staff. The DRRC has identified several industries with significant demand response potential, including refrigerated warehouses, wastewater treatment plants, data centers, and agricultural irrigation pumping. Some of the challenges facing the wider implementation of demand response in these facilities include the wide variation in loads and processes across and within sectors, resource-dependent loading patterns driven by customer orders or time-critical processing, user perceptions of a lack of control in the automated process and aversion to risk, especially unscheduled down time. DRRC has identified processes with significant demand response potential and connections to improve energy efficiency that can be successfully modulated and controlled to provide automated demand response while minimizing the impact on production and business.