Automating Dynamic Retail Prices for Demand-Side Management in Commercial and Industrial Facilities

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DRRC, working with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), is examining how OpenADR can be used to simplify interactions between a wide range of facility stakeholders including the New York Independent System Operator, utilities, retail energy providers, curtailment service providers, and facility managers. The project focuses on event-driven demand response, price response, and demand management signals, all conveyed via OpenADR. Building owners and operators are motivated by the ability to actively manage energy costs through accurate and timely information on day-ahead hourly prices and demand charges. As a result, the demand-side resources in New York State can be used more reliably in smart grid transactions, contributing to grid robustness.

Four demonstration buildings, all located in NYC, were recruited and automated to receive and respond automatically to OpenADR signals indicating called DR events or changes in hourly prices and demand charges. Control strategies were preprogrammed so they would be automatically called when selected thresholds were exceeded. Successful testing of these plans occurred in 2013.