Industrial Demand Response - Crosscutting

Date Range: 2008 to Present
Funded by: CEC PIER IAW (DRRC)

The purpose of this project is to undertake a survey of California industrial facilities to better understand existing control capabilities, or near-term plans for upgrades. This information will increase the understanding of California industry’s capacity to voluntarily receive and respond to an automated demand response signal to shift or shed non-essential electrical load. The results of this survey will be used with data collected from other sources (integrated audits, field work, and sector-based analyses) to identify potential shift and shed strategies within specific industrial sectors. This information with inputs from industry experts will assist these industrial sectors to better manage their electricity use during times of peak use and answer following key questions on related opportunities and challenges:

  • Is the facility participating in DR? (Industrial facilities participating in DR programs may realize additional benefits from automating all or part of their DR capabilities.)
  • Does the facility have automated controls for DR? (Firms with automated controls and information technology will be able to effectively participate in utility electricity demand response and future dynamic pricing programs. This could result in cost savings and other benefits to industrial facilities.)
  • What are the challenges for DR? (Identify needed public policies to effectively assist businesses like yours to meet the challenges of real-time pricing.)

Contact: Girish Ghatikar
Date Range: May 2011 - present
Funded by: CEC PIER IAW

 Conduct end-use analysis and field studies on refrigerated warehouse, wastewater treatment, data center and agricultural irrigation, and other sectors identified in the 2009 controls survey. Generate Issue papers, Auto-DR Implementation Strategy Guides, and updated sector-specific research reports describing Auto-DR implementation benefits and challenges.

Date Range: 2007 to Present
Funded by: CEC PIER IAW (DRRC)

This focus of this initiative has been to perform a coordinating role between the CEC, its DR contractors, California IOUs, and key industries to develop and refine strategies for identifying potential candidates for industrial demand response, with a special focus on Auto-DR. The project includes targeted research, as well as stakeholder meetings to test findings.

Contact: Aimee McKane
Date Range: 2011 to 2012
Funded by: PG&E and SCE

In collaboration with IOUs and the industrial sites selected for the California Superior Energy Performance demonstration program, conduct a study of 2-3 facilities to investigate the relationship between demand response (automated and manual), load management, controls capabilities, and the level of success experienced by the industrial site in implementing the energy management standard.

Contact: Sasank Goli