Demand to Grid (D2G) Lab


The goal of the Demand to Grid (D2G) Lab is to provide a demonstration and testing laboratory for Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) standards, Automated DR (Auto-DR) technologies, and related Smart Grid activities within Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (LBNL) Demand Response Research Center (DRRC). The objectives of the D2G Lab are to build and operate a test laboratory to conduct research within LBNL/DRRC and act as a demonstration bed to the stakeholders.

The D2G Lab will emphasize the analysis and support of OpenADR and related Automated-DR technologies, end-use devices. The D2G Lab scope includes advancement of and conducting Smart Grid research for commercial, industrial, and residential end-uses, including measurement, communications, and control networks.  The lab will include measurement and evaluation of end-use energy efficiency and electric load shapes, plus information management issues within the context of DR systems. The D2G Lab will explore DR integration with building systems.

Contact: Girish Ghatikar

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